Antique Fireplace Tiles

Browse our extensive original Antique Fireplace Tiles and Art Nouveau Tiles from Minton Hollins, Copeland, Wedgwood, Maws, Richards, Booths, Corn Brothers and many others.

We offer for sale an impressive range of Antique and Art Nouveau Fireplace Tiles. These tiles can create an attractive and unique way to design a superb character in your home.

The tiles can fit in various designs; around your kitchen worktop will create a unique splashback. Also, they fit nicely as tile features on your bathroom walls.

Some people will use them framed and decorate their walls. But the use of these antique fireplace tiles is endless, and all relate to your needs and creativity.

Most of our antique tiles have previously lived in antique fireplaces, splash-backs farmhouses and Victorian homes.

In other words, these tiles may have surface marks, small chips. And also stains or cement residue on the backs. Take a look at the detailed photographs accompanying each tile.

We have many more tiles in our showroom and storage. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today if you cannot find what you are looking to find.

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